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How to choose the ideal nameplate for you!

The essential nameplate for your business

We at The Nameplate Company have over 50 years of experience in engraving brass, stainless steel and printing full color acrylic plates. Whether it’s an essential nameplate for your premises, an official opening plaque or a memorial plate to acknowledge a loved one or an important occasion, we have a wide range of materials and processes at hand to produce a beautiful and long lasting plaque that will look great for years to come. 


We also provide  a curtain rental services for your official opening day. 

New engraving material!

Our new range of ADA materials for braille and tactile lettering.

Perfect for industrial signage, shut off valve tags, key tags, 

restaurant numbers, engraved labels and much more!

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Brass Nameplates










Brass nameplates are a traditional way of adding prestige and an impression of longevity to your business. Brass plates can last for decades and with a little love and care can make a striking element to the front of many premises including listed buildings. Our standard plates are manufactured from 1.5mm thick solid brass. Your lettering or logo is then cut into the brass by engraving or etching and then infilling with black paint.


Polishing - we recommend Duraglit wadding for regular cleaning of your brass plate. 

Plaque specifications
church nameplates

Stainless Steel Nameplates











Stainless Steel is a low maintenance material and is extremely durable and suitable for tough environments all our stainless steel plates are made using grade 316 1.5mm thick sheet stainless steel. Your lettering or logo is then cut into the brass by engraving or etching and then infilling with black paint. Particularly ideal for marine locations


Polishing - requires only ocassional cleaning and can be wiped with baby oil to bring back its lustre.


ourdoor plaque
Plaque specifications

Acrylic Nameplates










Acrylic Nameplates are a modern alternative to traditional brass and stainless steel. Ideal for modern premises your logo and business information is reverse printed onto the inner side of the acrylic using 7 year grade materials. This process lends itself very well for businesses with full color or complicated logos.


These plaques are low maintenance requiring only ocassional cleaning. We recommend the 10mm thick material for all outdoor plaques while the 5mm material is suitable for indoors.



acrylic plaque
Plaque specifications

Aluminium Nameplates











We manufacture aluminium plates using two processes dye sublimation and heat printing. Dye sublimation is a great way to produce low cost nameplates in full colour. Our standard dye sublimated plates are printed on 0.5 - 0.7mm thick aluminium which is available in brushed silver, mirror silver, brushed gold, mirror gold, bronze and white. This process produces beautiful plates that will last indefinitely indoors or several months outdoors.


For information on heat printing and engraving of 1.5mm anodised aluminium please call us.

metal labels dye sublimated printed on labels
Plaque specifications

Cast Aluminium Nameplates






Traditional cast plates were produced using hand made and time consuming processes which involved the production of artwork, the making of masters, the production of a pattern and then the pouring of molten metal to produced the finished product. Our cast aluminium plates are manufactured using a modern process that eliminates many of the original steps and enables us to provide a beautiful cast plaque for a fraction of the cost. These plates are ideal where long life is essential and where fitting takes place to listed buildings or in heritage sites. These plates have a protective enamel and are low maintenance and can include complex artwork and illustrations. 


heritage cast house name plate

Cast nameplates installation method

1. Remove existing slabs or part thereof to the size of the plaque, plus 6-10mm all round for sealing/’pointing’. Remove spoil and clean out.


2. Once cleaned out and assessed, the hole should be almost filled with a fine aggregate, quick setting concrete mix with an allowance to ensure that the top of the bronze plaque is flush with the surrounding paving to within a predetermined tolerance.

(A template of the rear of the plaque can be used to cast positional holes into the concrete if preferred.) These will eventually be drilled out clean, to receive the fixing studs.


3. When the concrete is set and dry, drill 12mm holes using the template for position, open up the top of the holes to accommodate the cast bosses, clean out holes and check for fit.

The top level of the plaque should be set against the surrounding paving from the new concrete base using shims.

(Use thin straps to lift the bronze in and out of the hole during this process).


4. After ensuring all is as it should be, the plaque should be removed and the shims fixed in position. The holes will then be filled with rapid setting polyester resin and spots of the same laid in corners and strategic points over the area of the plaque, avoiding the shims, to fill any gaps and ensure a good solid feel underfoot. Ensure that the gap is similar all round the bronze for pointing.


5. With some protective masking fixed to the bronze, the approximately 6-10mm gap around the plaque should be sealed/‘pointed’ in with a flexible sealant of appropriate colour and carefully cleaned.

Clean down as required and remove all spoil.

How cast plaques are installed
Plaque specifications

All business conducted is subject to our standard terms and conditions, but artwork will be provided to the client for approval before we make any nameplate to make sure the client is happy with the design before we proceed with the order. Please e-mail us if you require more information.

low maintenance excellent value indoor use outdoor requires polishing

At the Nameplate Company it is our job to make sure every potential customer is well informed and is satisfied with their order for many years to come, be it a large or small job. We have pride in every Nameplate we manufacture and we try to provide as much information about our nameplates as possible.


The icons you will see throughout our website are guides to help you choose the right type of nameplate at the right cost. Remember if you have any other queries please feel free to contact us.


Just like our Nameplates we strive to provide our clients with a service that will make a great first impression and will last for years to come.





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